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Nyumbu’s mission:

“To consistently breed distinctive exceptional animals with diversified, proven and “stacked” genetics.”

Nyumbu Wildlife is a highly regarded, dedicated and proven rare game breeding operation.

Nyumbu Farm is owned by Norman Adami, a long time South African Breweries executive and quintessential beer man, who since the early 90’s, pursued his passion for wildlife when he first started the game farm. He is also a member of the Board of WRSA, the representative organization of the Wildlife industry of South Africa.

Located just 36 kms north of Brits on the R511, Nyumbu Wildlife (Nyumbu is the Swahili name for Wildebeest) specialises in breeding selected high quality species.


These species include :

Tyson 53"

The relentless pursuit for the very best stud animals led to the acquisition in September 2009 of the renowned 53″ buffalo bull “Tyson” (recognized as one of the biggest bulls in SA), and “Zambezi” (47′), an imported East African buffalo bull and Limpopo a 46+” East African buffalo bull.

Acquiring and rotating magnificent sires and impressive female stock for all the species has been an ongoing practice. DNA records of all animals are maintained which facilitates verification of parenthood and genetics.

Nyumbu Wildlife offers breeders the opportunity to acquire superior and well adapted animals for their programmes. Good faith, transparency and integrity in all business dealings is an underlying value of Nyumbu Wildlife.

Prospective buyers and fellow game breeders are always welcome to
visit Nyumbu Wildlife and view the different species in the picturesque and stress free environment.


To be, & to be seen to be, among the most admired and respected game ranches in the country.

Values that we aspire to :


Meet the professionals in our team

As a long-time South African Breweries executive, Norman Adami is best known as the quintessential beer man. But since the early 1990s, Adami also pursued his life-long passion for wildlife when he acquired the game farm, previously known as Wildebeestfontein.

While Adami initially used the game farm as a weekend and holiday retreat, in recent years he has grown it into a top class game breeding facility and has thus earned a reputation as a high-quality game breeder.

Adami believes that just as brewing great beer requires high quality ingredients and impeccable attention to detail, breeding exceptional animals requires focus on superior bloodlines and genetics as well as nutritional health. That philosophy has been applied in carefully building herds of excellent conformation and horn length.

Norman Adami:

Tel: +27 79 509 0855  |  E-mail: